About Us


GATALA is an exceptionally ethical company that built its foundation on the key belief that customer satisfaction is a primary measure of success. Incorporated in the year 2010, GATALA strong emphasis on integrity, reliability, competitive pricing, and timely completion has earned it unparalleled eminence in the trade and set all standards for others to follow.

From designs, materials and construction methods to technology and management techniques, GATALA always seeks new and better ways to help its customers, achieve their goals, through properties that have excellent overall quality and value. GATALA holds the unique distinction of being the only promoter in the industry to have successfully developed properties for the families. Families who time and again refer the company to their friends and families. This notable reality is the best measure of the company's quality, reliability and success, and its greatest source of pride. Each and every customer of GATALA, whether big or small, is treated as an integral part of the ever-growing GATALA family.